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The Descendants of Freedmen of the Five Tribes Association will host a

meeting on Saturday October 19 th 2019 at the Rudisill Library, 1520 N Hartford, Tulsa Oklahoma,

beginning at one pm. The meeting room is Library Hall. The meeting is free and open to the general

public. Persons who are elected officials (both tribal and non tribal) and persons who are running for

elective office (both tribal and non tribal) will be recognized.

 On August 30 2017, Honorable Judge Thomas Hogan ruled in favor of Cherokee freedmen tribal member treaty rights to citizenship. He held the tribal constitutional amendment which removed freedmen from tribal membership to be unenforceable due to the 1866 treaty.  The tribe did not challenge the ruling and sent the Federal court order to the tribal court which voided the tribal constitutional amendments which removed the freedmen from tribal membership and blocked freedmen from holding office. The preliminary order of August 30 2017 against the tribe was finalized in 2018 with issues between the US and the freedmen remaining to be finalized (dealing primarily with protection of the freedmen) as of early September 2018.  The court decision as well as various news articles and earlier filed briefs can be read as follows:

 We welcome you to join the Descendants of Freedmen Association of the Five Tribes Civilized Tribes Association as a member (ie a person who has provided documentation to us to show you are a Descendant of a Dawes enrolled freedmen of the Five Tribes) or as an official supporter – an individual of any ethnic or racial background.  Cost is $40 per year.  Cost to be come a lifetime supporter or member is $300.  See our application online.  

 For those who wish to make tax deductible donation , we welcome you to donate funds of any size to  the African Indians of the 5 Civilized Tribes Foundation (Box 42452, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73123). See our link for more information. 


You may donate by credit card to African Indians Foundation to assist our litigation fund to combat racial discrimination  thru the Gofundme link below:

Almost all funds raised by both Descendants of Freedmen Association and African Indians of the 5 Tribes Foundation have been used for litigation fees.  

If you prefer, funds can be send directly to our legal team at  Velie Law Firm, 401 W Main, Suite 310, Norman, Oklahoma 73069 405-310-4333 or  

 The latest articles, Briefs and rulings filed in the Federal cases Cherokee Nation V Nash and Vann V Jewell lawsuits can be obtained at the Turtle Talk Blog : 


You can now help our legal fund thru your tax deductible charitable contributions  thru your Amazon purchases! By donating thru and selecting African Indians of the 5 Civlized Tribes Foundation as your preferred charity, .5% of your purchase cost will be sent by Amazon to the charity at no cost to you!. You may also go to the direct link to select  African Indians as your charity and make your purchases at: